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Can migraine skip a generation?

Is it possible that migraine skipped a generation, for example: my dad's mother used to suffer from migraines whenever she looked into a bright light. My dad never had migraines, but I have the exact same migraine symptoms and triggers as my grandmother. Therefore is it possible that the migraine genetics were passed onto my dad (although he never had migraines) and that he passed it onto me? (P.S. My brother has idiopathic occipital lobe epilepsy with secondary generalized seizures and after a seizure he also has migraines, but the rest of my family doesn't have migraine.)

  1. Possible. Was he an only child? If you have aunts and uncles, there's a possibility that one or some of them have migraine but never talked about it.

    Migraines for my family run 4 generations, stemming from my mother's side of the family. It's good info for my doctor but the this info is mute for me. I still need to deal with the disease.

    Warm regards

    1. Hi Ronan, thank you for replying.

      My father isn’t an only child, he has two brothers. Both never had any migraines, at least not with aura’s, like my grandmother and I do. Maybe my grandmother passed on genes which increases the risk of having migraine with aura’s. But my dad and my uncles didn’t develop migraine. But my father still passed on the genes which increases the risk of developing migraine. That could explain why my father doens’t have migraines, but me and my grandmother do. But yeah, not really an easy question to answer.

      Have a nice day!

  2. This was interesting to read, because that's exactly what happened in my family. My maternal grandmother suffers from migraines, but my mother, as she puts it, "doesn't think she's ever had one." I started getting them when I was sixteen.

    So to answer your question, yes, absolutely!

    1. Thank you for your reply mandaperth. On this migraine website and also on other migraine websites, they talk about family history. I thought that they meant family history as in parents, but maybe this also means that we can inherit those genes from our grandparents. Pretty interesting, because me and my parents always wondered about this.

      Have a great day!

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