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What is everyone's best guess for the CGRP antagonist coming onto the market?

  1. I have great hope that any new medication for migraine will give many people relief from chronic migraine. My concern about this drug, however, is the anticipated cost. If what I read about the start up cost of this drug is correct, it will make it inaccessible to the average person. In the end, it won't make any difference if this drug is the magic cure if most people can't afford to use it.

    1. Do you mean Erenumab? I'm not very optimistic about it. In clinical trials, it helped only some people reduce the numbers of pain days by a only a few a month. I haven't seen any study in which they figure out why some people responded and why some didn't- are some people's attacks not mediated by CGRP?
      I also agree with Endless Search. A monoclonal antibody, like all biologics, is crazy expensive. I'm disappointed companies aren't working on developing some of the anti-CGRP small molecule drugs that were in the pipeline.

      1. Hi there SandraLee,
        Great questions! The topic of CGRPs has certainly been generating lots of discussion in the community. We recently asked members what their thoughts were on these drugs as well. I thought you might enjoy reading a compilation article of their feedback and their thoughts - What have been your thoughts on these drugs?

        Thanks again for reaching out and especially for being here.
        -Joanna ( Team)

        1. The results of the tests have been so good that I can't wait to try it which is why I'm disppointed in the long delay of approval. I presently take the max dose possible of Imitrex. Maybe Canada will get it before us. I live in upstate NY so maybe there's a trip in my future.

      2. Hello everyone. In my experience from the two CGRP trials in which I participated, and from what I've been hearing from the drug companies and my study coordinator is that Amgen 334, now named Erenumab, is in the pipeline for approval / availability in the second part of 2018. I could search for some links to share the study results, but instead I will just tell you that when I was on it, and only at a low dose (I would need the highest dose available, based on my study results and my end-of-the-line 30 year treatment / prevention search), my quality of life changed significantly. The second clinical trial, which was a different company, is ongoing but my last medication treatment was the end of May, went even better. If you click on my name and select to see more of my articles, I have many many many written about the CGRP trial experience. I have to hope that maybe the anticipated price is not going to be quite as high projected. The companies have to make money somehow, and they won't if no insurance will cover it. I think we just need to try to stay optimistic without pinning all our hopes on it (if that makes any sense). And finally, I also know that companies ARE now looking at some of the other receptors / smaller molecules (as Endless Search mentioned). There is still much to come, and I think it is just going to get better and better.

        1. Hello Elizabeth, Your note is welcome news. Maybe not the end of 2018 part but everything else about the positive results jibes with other reports I've read. While I hope it doesn't come to it, I'm willing to pay A LOT of money for this drug.

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