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Chronic pulsating temporal headache overnight


Now for 8 years I suffer from pulsating temporal headache, which always triggers overnight, it is in the right side of my head.
No doctors have managed to help me.
Here is what I learned for 8 years:
1) Always at the same spot - right temporalis
2) Happens about 90 minutes after I go to sleep
3) If I go to sleep or lie down during day - I can get the headache
4) Two things are stopping the attacks:
-If I spend days in lying position where my neck muscles are relaxed. Stops for as long as my days go on lying
-If my face is swallen. I got two hair transplants and for 10 days after (while I got the swelling) I got NO headaches.
5) Average occurrence is every other night
6) Average seizure duration is 45 minutes (between 35 and 120 mins)
7) When the attack comes - my forehead vein gets enlarged and I can see it pulsating/moving
😎 I feel like huge amount of blood hits my head (maybe something blocked it and when muscles relax - it hits)
9) Only sex can end the seizure more quickly. It reduces the pain time to around 25 minutes. Works most of the time.
10) I become sensitive to light and sound
11) Sometimes if I try to end the seizure quicker with sex - it may return in the morning, where it passes quickly after I wake up.

Here is what I tried and did not work

1) Corticosteroids - not least for the 1 week I tried
2) Most popular pills ibuprufen, Acetylsalicylic acid, metamisol, .. - not working
3) Oxygen - not sure if it worked. I think it works tank valve did not have the proper debit.
4) MRI and Dopler show no problem.

In addition - I am a computer programmer and have a lot of work on PC. My neck is longer than most people.
My neck has erased cervical curve, some osteofitis and dehydrated discs.

Please help me to diagnose this. Many doctors failed..They don't even take me seriously.

What kind of examins can I make to check the arteries and vessels blood flow? What about the nerves?

  1. Hi flashman,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your comments with us. As much as I wish I could help thoughts on a diagnosis, only a qualified medical professional can do that.

    Best of luck,

    1. It’s been awhile since you posted, so let’s hope you’ve found treatment for this by now. If not, do you have a large display that minimizes the need to look down? I get temporal headaches if I don’t work at my desk with the large 27” display. Keeping my head up and my neck unstressed is key. I find I also have to watch my neck and head position while reading or watching tv.

      I also do trigger point type massage behind the affected ear(s). Massage wherever it hurts when you use light to medium pressure in the area. Massage at regular intervals for a couple of days, or until there’s improvement.

      I hope this helps.

      1. , I noticed that you have very detailed notes on what you have learned about yourself in dealing with migraine disease. If you haven't already, you should bring those notes with you when you see a specialist in headache and migraine.
        ~ Peggy ( team)

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