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Anyone else have chronic sinus issues along with chronic migraine?

I was finally diagnosed with chronic migraine last fall. After trying several failed preventative meds, I received my first Botox treatment 2 months ago. Not sure if it's helping yet, but I know it can take awhile. What I feel like I'm struggling with is never ending sinus issues. I see an allergist, and I've had a sinus infection/irritation since December. With that, I've had congestion, runny nose, stuffy ears, and stuffy head. I've gone through several nose sprays and antibiotics. Some work better than others. For the most part, my headaches are usually at my temples. Sometimes, I can feel pressure in my forehead and my ears. My cheeks will get sore, too, if it's a bad one. The nasal spray I'm on now is really good, so I don't have much nasal symptoms, but I still feel the pressure. Does this sound like sinus issues, and has anyone experienced this in conjunction with chronic migraine? Thanks!

  1. Hi etw27,

    Actually sinus and allergies are quite common for many migraine sufferers! I myself experience allergies and sinus pressure often for months at a time, there are also many folks who are diagnosed with sinus headaches when they have migraine. I thought you might be interested in checking out this article from one of our contributors about allergies and migraine: You definitely aren’t the only one dealing with this, though I’m sorry to hear you have to experience this pain on top of migraine. Sending well wishes your way. Take care!

    1. I have had what I thought was sinus problems for years, just recently had X-rays done and my sinuses were clear...Migraine! I now have meds for the headache but still have morning congestion...go figure.

      1. I've had allergies (inherited) and migraines (inherited) all my life, I'm 72, I'm now retired. I had put a new roof on 10 yrs ago before I needed one so no problems. My headaches started getting worse and I didn't know why. Every morning I was waking up with a really bad migraine, come to find out I had all kinds of roof problems which led to attic problems. Long story short after 2 huge thunderstorms I had 3 leaks in my livingroom, and found black mold in 2 closets behind some boxes. From the beginning things were leaking behind walls that I couldn't see. I'm off the charts on mold tests-no wonder I was waking up with horrible migraines- I was sleeping in the same room with mold. It also had mold in the attic/insulation etc and had to be redone. After clearing out the closets I couldn't breathe in the house and had to be gone for 6 wks while things were corrected. So please keep in mind hidden mold if you are allergic to it! I always felt so sick I stayed home most of the time, which made it worse on me. I still have my reg migraines but they are so much better after getting rid of the mold. I had even had my vents cleaned ($500) trying to figure things out and that helped a little but not much- I had thought of everything except the hidden mold. I hope this helps someone!

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