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Not mine. Other peoples.

I have had the inkling of a migraine tipped over the egde by the clothes other people are wearing.

When a migraine is looming from sensory overload, I've had the clothings of others be an additional or final trigger.

How so?

Have you seen some clothes?

Colors, patters, walking, moving optical illusions!

One family must have had "artisitc" parents, as the whole clan was dressed in gold, red, black amd white. Some in stripes, some in,jungle leopard florals, some in all. They were a well cordinated group.

But to my migraine prone mond they looked like a page from an,optical illusion book broight to life.

The world began to spin around me, my nausea rose, photophobia kicked in and the throbbing pain began.

The first time someones clothes gave me vertigo and migraine, it confused me. Now I know this trigger and look away and avoid the fabulously dressed at all cost.

Amyone else triggered by "trippy" patterns? Either in paintings, floor designs, tiling, clothing, etc?

  1. Hi glassmind,

    Now that you mention it, if I stare at a pattern with a strong geometric theme, I did get a bit dizzy. I can't recall if this triggers a migraine attack. I bet you're not alone!

    Fingers crossed you have a low pain day,

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