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Colored Aura

Ok so this is another first time thing for me. As someone who has had migraines for a very long time, an aura has always been something that has been there since the beginning. My aura's are usually colorless, basically black and white, spinning pinwheels that slowly start in the center and go outward. My most recent migraine which happened this past Friday was a very strange one but also one of the more painful ones. It started with my aura but this time I noticed it had color which I immediately noticed as strange because, again, this hasn't happened to me ever. The colors were almost the same as the colors you would see on a television. Except these were centered around the spinning aura I have and it was very strange. The following headache was very, very painful and was focused the right side of my head which has only happened a few times but this was incredibly painful and nothing seemed to get rid of it. I don't know if anyone else has colored auras but I'm fairly certain this is a first for me. It might've happened in the past and I just forgot but I'm pretty sure it hasn't happened before. Thanks for taking the time!

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    While I don't have a lot of experience with this, often we do find that our migraine patterns can change over time. However, whenever you have a sudden change in your migraine patterns, we strongly suggest discussing it with your doctor so that they can rule out any other possible causes for what you are experiencing which could possibly be more serious. The fact that you said the headache was very very painful makes it sound like the headache was also different, so I would really urge you to run this past your doctor. We would be interested to hear what you find out if you feel like sharing!

    Warmly, Melanie (Team member)

    1. Thanks for the reply, I have had some painful migraines in the past before but it's hard to tell if this was the most painful. I think a big part of the pain was the fact that it was centered on one side of my head and was focused all in one area of my head. But if my memory serves me correctly then this was the most painful. Biggest thing is the colored aura that I got. That I'm fairly certain hasn't happened before either. This is the second migraine where something new has happened. The two migraines I had most recently are the ones where something new showed up and I've ruled out the other one as just something that can happen, so maybe this is just one of them.

      1. Hi, Sam. For what it's worth, some people do have auras with color as their normal experience -- in fact, before I joined the site I thought seeing colors was the only kind of aura there was! Everyone is so different. Definitely keep an eye on it and let your doctor know if it keeps happening, okay? Take care! -Melissa, team

        1. Thank you for telling me that! I didn't know that for some people it was normal, for me it was a first and I don't know if it was a different disturbance in my brain or more of a visual thing. Either way it's good to know that it is common and hopefully nothing I need to worry about. I will definitely tell my doctor though if it happens again. I just had another migraine on Saturday and it didn't have the colors, it was my first normal migraine(whatever normal means) in a while so I might be back to normal. Thanks again for taking the time to tell me that!

          1. @samprice28 It's a funny thing with migraine disease but we all seem to eventually find our "normal" position. It's very important though to tell your doctor about all you are experiencing with an attack. I always make a list of what I want to cover at a doctor's visit and bring my migraine diary too. Take care and keep your migraines well documented! Warmly Cheryl team

          2. thanks for the advice! I actually just recently started writing down the date a migraine happens and detail what happened and any weird/new things that might’ve occurred. I’m going to go see a doctor in a couple of months to get checked out and see if I can’t get medicine for them and find out if any of my new occurrences are cause for concern!

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