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Complete newbie - does this sound like migraines?

Hello All,

I am a completely new member. I have been having some very odd symptoms and someone has just suggested to me that I might be having migraines. I would really appreciate having the benefit of your experience if anyone has any thoughts on this.

My symptoms;

1. Tired eyes, eyelids feel heavy or puffy but look ok.
2. Occasional black flashes in my vision. This is just like a blink, everything goes black for a tiny split second, but I am not blinking.
3. Facial tingling, esp on the right side.
4. A twitchy eye, esp on right side.
5. A 'sinusy' or 'eyestrain' type headache, usually more on the right side.
6. Some sensitivity to light.
7. Feeling irritable, nauseous, tired.

Background info; I am extremely stressed out at the moment, very anxious, and have been spending long hours working at a screen. I think I have eye strain, could this be enough to trigger some kind of migraine?

Until I read through this site, I was entirely clueless about migraines. The headache is not the main symptom, in fact it is fairly manageable, but now I understand that a headache doesn't have to be the main event! The tingly face and black flashes in my vision are the symptoms that frighten me. This has been going on for weeks, I had a similar episode about 6 months ago and had tinnitus and dizziness with it.

Could this be a migraine? I know none of you can diagnose me, but does anyone have similar experiences?

Thank you!

  1. Hi Indigo7,

    Welcome to the discussion forum - good to have you with us!!

    As you mentioned, we're unable to provide medical advise and/or a diagnosis, but can give you information regarding migraine disease and headache disorders.

    The symptoms you've mentioned can all be part of migraine disease. You're correct in saying a migraine attack is so much more than a headache. In fact, some people don't experience the headache phase!!

    Spending a lot of time in front of any screen can certainly trigger a migraine attack. There are a few things in these article that may help with screen issues; Many people with migraine disease wear glasses specifically made to help with light sensitivity and screen issues. TheraSpecs is one such brand that make these glasses.

    When we are going through stressful times, it may be the things we do or don't do that trigger a migraine attack. For example, we may not keep a regular sleep schedule, skip meals, and/or become dehydrated to name a few. People with migraine disease brains are more sensitive to change and need to maintain a schedule. Sleeping the same number of hours each night (even on weekends) not skipping meals, etc. Does that make sense?
    Here is information on stress and migraine disease that may help; and

    If you haven't been to the doctor yet, I would encourage you to get to. You might want to get your eyes checked out as well!!

    I hope this helps, keep me posted!!

    1. I always say "if something doesn't feel right have it checked out", "worse" case scenario, you wasted your lunch hour for peace of mind.....I wouldn't call that a bad trade off.

      1. Hi Dana,

        Great point! I couldn't agree more!!

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