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Should I be concerned about this weird migraine?

hi, I've been dealing with migraines for over seven years now and they've always been relatively the same (constant and on my left side). I've started getting SPG nerve blocks done, but this most recent one hurt very badly, and I became very lethargic and slow afterwards. That passed, but I then got what felt like the worst migraine of my life, and it was extremely difficult to subdue it.

After that went away, I began getting sensations of stabbing on my left temple, but instead of being constant like usual, it is more of an ebb and flow (it will let me rest for a few minutes if not up to a half hour then violently hurt for maybe half a minute). The pain is almost disabling and causes me to drop things and even jump a little from surprise as it almost feels like a rubber band snapping. It has been like that for three days and counting. I have to stop all movement when this happens and it feels like some of the worst pain I've endured.

My auras have been more aggressive as well. My neck feels a bit stiff as well and my vision and hearing seem to have gotten a bit worse than usual. I'm also extremely nauseous. I'm mainly worried about the weird, excruciatingly painful, debilitating ebb and flow stabbing though, as I have never felt that before. Sorry this is long, I'm just very tired of this. Thank you~

  1. Hi allir7,

    Thank you for your question. Never worry about long questions/posts - that's why we're here!

    I can tell you it's not uncommon for our migraine attack patterns and triggers to change over time. The thing is, when they do, it's a good idea to let the doctor know so he/she can check things out. If you haven't had an opportunity to talk to the doctor, I would encourage you to give him a call. Will you let me know how you make out?

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. I second all Nancy said. Migraine and aura can change. Do speak with your healthcare team about the changes.


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