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What is the effect of caffeine?

i am confused about caffeine. it seems like when i drink more water and less coffee i have less pain. i take 3 topomate a day excedrin for migraine when needed also hydrocodone as needed less than 1 every 2 weeks. also midol and hubby massages head. i am almost 67 overweight have ptsd and anxiety and sinus problems. also when i treat the sinus that helps too. recently i have been having stabbing pains in my head. i have a neurologist do a brain scan came back normal. a great primary care who is also naturopathic dr and also the best therapist and psychiatrist ever. also a wonderful supportive hubby and several loving pets and good friends. overall i am quite blessed

  1. Hi there , Thanks so much for your question! Caffeine sure can be tricky especially if you are drinking coffee and also taking Excedrin as this medication also includes caffeine and why some experience in increase in pain. I do have a few articles here that may help you out as you wait for other members to possibly share their thoughts & experiences.
    Caffeine: Trigger or Treatment? Migraine Triggers: CaffeineUsing caffeine as a migraine treatment

    Take good care!
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. With my Migraines caffeine alone does not help. Excedrin Migraine does help but I need to take 2 and sometimes have to piggyback it with a Claratin D. Which means I don't sleep for like 2 days and it does not always help, most of the time it just dulls the symptoms down to functioning. With my boyfriend his are not as severe but he drinks a coffee with 2-4 advil and a claratin d and he is good to go in like 45mins.

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