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Counting Headache Days and treatment

I have a general question regarding the way to count headache days and also how to count the amount of times we treat them. (My headache specialist and I are working on a preventive regime but haven't found the right one yet).
Soooo, when I have a HA and treat it with both Indocin and Zomig nasal spray-does that count as one treatment or two?
Headache days-I have a heache that I treat (day 1), then the nex day it is back and I don't treat it (day 2) this continues for 2 more days (days 3 & 4). Is that the right way to count headache days?

  1. Nonster59,
    Both Zomig and Indocin can cause rebound headaches, so if you take both in one day I would count that as two doses.

    I also agree with you about how to count headache days. Even if you are not treating the headache, but the pain is there I would count it.

    Mention this to your doc to see what he/she thinks since I'm not a doc!
    -Katie Moderatro

    1. Katie,
      Thank you for your response. I just want to find a consistent way to count headache days and treatment days. This helps alot!

      1. Me again...another question....I have a headache and have to treat twice-2 Zomig nasal sprays, 2 hours apart. That is one headache day with two treatments or one?
        I just have to find a consistent way to track my headaches and treatment. Thanks for your time!

        1. Nonster59,
          Yes, I would count that as one headache day with 2 treatments.

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