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Are worsening migraines related to the vaccine?

I've had chronic migraines for 25 years but the past 3 months have been terrible. I can barely work or leave the house. I'm wondering if there might be a connection to the Covid vaccine - has anyone else experienced a worsening months after their second dose?

I was actually fine for the first month but the three months following have been so miserable.

  1. Yes! This is honestly what I have been thinking lately. Worst crisis of my life, and I have been suffering from chronic migraine for 6-7 years more or less so I have had a lot of migraine attacks, I'm used to them. But, the migraines I have been experiencing in the past 3+ months are just something else, I had never found myself so chronically ill to the point where my life can't go on and I'm limited in basically everything that I do. First dose was at the end of April, second in July: May was ok, but summer months were absolutely awful, I have never felt so hopeless. My university exams have been put onhold for a couple of months now, and it had never happened before. I thought these horrible crisis were caused by the hot weather and heat (even though I barely left my house this summer...), but the middle of September has come and I still haven't found any relief. Currently under treatment with Emgality and Venlafaxine. Hoping to get back to normality soon.

    1. I'm so sorry you are going through this - I feel like that too. I've never felt this bad.

  2. There are some people reporting an increase in migraine after the vaccine, but I'm not sure about others experiencing exactly what you describe. Have you spoken to your doctor? April - Team

    1. I have talked to my doctor - I'm not sure that they would ever concede that this could be the case!

  3. @estherloop I have heard of quite a few people that have had their migraines ramp up and worsen after getting the Covid vaccination. I would encourage you to let your doctors know what you are experiencing and how it is affecting your life. It is important to have a good open dialogue with your medical team as it helps ensure you can get the best care possible for what you are experiencing. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. I went through a very similar experience. I hadn't had a migraine in four years (I switched to a low-carb diet) and then I had the second Moderna vaccine. A few days after I received it I had a solid week of migraines that were debilitating. The severity has lessened significantly over the last 4 months but I still have ocular migraines once or twice a week followed by a full migraine every two weeks that fortunately responds to medication. Since receiving the second vaccine I have had more migraines in the past three months than I have had in my entire life.

      It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who experienced this. I have an appointment at a neurologist in a couple of weeks to screen out other possibilities. I'll post an update if I learn anything new.

      1. Thanks for sharing - I'm sorry you're going through this too. I'll share below an update after talking to some of my friends - I'd love to hear your updates too.

      2. , I experienced a severe migraine that lasted only three days after my first vaccine. However, I did not experience anything like you are going through. I am sorry that this is happening. I hope that you find some much needed relief and answers soon. Keep us posted on how everything goes when you can. Thinking of you, Shayla (, Team Member)

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