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Conversation of the Week: Creativity and Coping with Migraine

Do you use any form of creativity to cope with your migraine, pain and disability? I often write poetry or draw pictures to cope with how I’m feeling or express what I’m feeling. I also like the simple act of making things that has nothing to do with migraine as a distraction. I’d love to hear if you use creativity, crafting, arts, etc. for coping with your migraine. If you’d like, you can even share something you’ve made – whether it’s migraine, related or not – in the comments!

  1. for me, if i have a migraine knowing that any kind of light hurts my eyes and no, i don't wear my glasses like i'm supposed to and yes, i need to get an eye exam.. but when i do(at least) try to do any crafting, it'll be either latch hook or needle point but sometimes, i'm not able to do anything but sleep

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, sometimes all we can do is try to sleep. Also, eye exams can be a challenge when you have migraine, so sending you lots of support for when you do go and get one. I'm glad, though, that you have latch hook and needle point to go to in those moments that you're feeling up to it! I've never done either and both look really hard to master!

    2. I agree sleep is definitely my "activity" during a migraine attack. That's wonderful that you're able to explore some latch hook or needle point on your low pain days. If you have any recent projects I'd love to see a picture of one. No pressure though, I just enjoyed learning about your hobby.
      - Alene, moderator

  2. This is such a fantastic discussion, thanks for starting it ! The truth is I love doing creative projects - ever since I was a kid I enjoyed them - but I don't always make the time for them. I got a cricut with so much excitement and have made a few things on it, but I definitely want to put it to better use. I've also recently started learning brush lettering. That's nice because there's not much set up to it, so it's something that I can do for 5 or 10 minutes and then set it aside. The cricut is more of a bigger commitment. I also find the brush lettering to be really relaxing and it's on paper so I don't have the strain on my eyes from the phone or a computer screen. And best of all it requires very little energy and makes no sound, so it's very migraine-friendly.

    I'm excited to hear other's responses to this discussion. <3

    - Alene, moderator

    1. I also have found the cricut intimidating and I have it away!!! Brush lettering sounds wonderful though!

    2. thank you for sharing that! I love the idea of the cricut, it's just intimidating. And when I watch YouTube videos on it, I always get distracted by the fact that the person has an entire room in their home filled with amazing craft supplies! haha!
      - Alene, moderator

  3. This is such a you topic! I love it.
    As you know, I write poetry as an outlet for what I am feeling. I have a whole 5" binder full of poetry. I really want to publish a book or two of my poems one day.
    Another outlet that I use is not really crafty, but it is reading books. It's a wonderful distraction when you can focus enough to read.
    For the last month or so, I have spent some time doing "arts & crafts." At least that is what I call trying to figure out gift-wrapping options for my Mary Kay products. Thats been crazy but fun.
    - Amanda W (Team member)

    1. It definitely changes depending on what I am living in at the moment. Due to this, I have a variety of topics, from happy to sad pieces. - Amanda W (team member)

    2. it’s wonderful that you’re turning your Mary Kay business into a fun hobby as well!

  4. I am in awe of you being able to write poetry. And a 5" binder? Wow! I love paper crafts and find myself able to ignore my migraine for periods of time while working on a project. YouTube videos tutorials can also distract me, but eventually I have to just grab my icepack and go to bed. Rizatriptan has been my sanity saver, but I think, from the tenor of most discussions I've read on this forum, that my headaches aren't as severe as most of you. But I digress. Basically I find doing something that brings me joy can often give me breaks in the pain.

    1. thanks for sharing your experience. That's wonderful that you're able to find something that brings you joy and helps to give you a break from pain. That's a win-win!
      - Alene, moderator

    2. yes thanks for sharing! I am also impressed with Amanda’s 5” binder haha. Paper crafts sound fun! I also love the world of YouTube tutorials. I do find working with my hands so therapeutic when I am up to it.

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