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Cupping ?

I would just like to ask has anybody tried cupping?
A friend of mine recently suggested a professional doctor led clinic called london cupping clinic.

I am thinking of booking an appointment with them as i am a chronic migraine sufferer (12years, daily, heavy medication) and have nothing to improve my symptoms.

i spoke on them on the phone and they are nearly guaranteeing that my migraine will be completely cured, i would just like to know has anybody tried them?


  1. Sophie,
    I have no experience with Cupping, so I can't give you any advice there. However, you should be suspect of anyone telling you that they can cure you. There is NO cure for Migraines, only ways in which you can manage them better. And it's very possible that Cupping could help you in the same way acupuncture helps many.

    If you do decide to try it, just go in with an open mind and be cautiously optimistic.
    Let us know if you do it and how it was!

    1. thanks katie, after all the stuff ive tried i really find it hard to be open minded, most things are useless honestly.

      yeh id love to do it and have been researching cupping at length, i felt it would be good to see everyone elses response with cupping if any?

      would anybody else care to share?

      1. Many years ago my naturopathic doctor helped me through a particularly nasty status migraine when I didn't have insurance to get to the ER. He did a combination of acupuncture, TENS, and cupping. Within seconds of its completion, I ran to the bathroom and vomited violently. After that, I gradually began to recover. It still took another 12 hours, but the attack finally stopped. I don't know if it would have stopped on its own or not. However, I do appreciate all his compassion and care. I have scheduled acupuncture sessions with him many times to stop a stubborn round of migraines. He hasn't used cupping since though.

        1. I won't trust anyone who nearly guarantees that an alternative therapy will cure you. That's just not so. A legit alternative therapist should be honest about the limits of their therapies, while still allowing for the fact that sometimes miracles do occur.

          Cupping is part of the world of acupuncture therapy. I'm an acupuncturist, and I don't cup migraine patients. I usually needle them. They respond very well to this. Cupping might help, too. It has a different affect. I imagine that it would help best in situations where neck tension plays a big part.

          I'd be curious to hear if the cupping practitioner is licensed as an acupuncturist. I don't know the rules where you live. Any chance he or she isn't licensed and is using cupping alone because its not legal to use acupuncture needles without a license? That would be something to check on. They should be licensed as an acupuncturist or at least a massage therapist with additional training.

          1. He is a licensed Naturopath. Kansas laws are still catching up to the rest of the world, so we only have "certification" for acupuncturists. However, my doc still maintains his acupuncture license from both California and Washington state where he practiced after graduating from Bastyr University.

            I agree with you about claims of "cure" My doc would never say that. He's been great to work with an collaborates with my PCP and my headache specialist.

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