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Does anyone have a suggestion for a daily multivitamin?

I seem to be very sensitive to medications. I find that even certain vitamins can trigger a migraine. Has anyone else had this problem? I was taking a prenatal vitamin bc that was the only vitamin that I could find that didn't trigger a migraine but they have recently discontinued it. TIA

  1. Hi Moon, my MD told me the best multi-vitamin to take is a pre-natal vitamin. It has more folic acid and iron. Hope that helps you.

    1. Vitamin manufacturers use different fillers in their products. This could be what you were reacting to. Look for a no artificial color or artificial flavor, no preservatives, no soy, dairy, gluten free multi or prenatal (the bottle will have it on the label). I don’t think I can make product recommendations on here but you will be able to find these at health food stores and grocery pharmacy sections.

  2. Hi Moon,

    Looks like you're already getting some great feedback from the community. I just thought while you wait for more feedback from others who can share what works for them, you might be interested in this recently posted article about supplement treatments for migraine: While different things work for different individuals, I thought the information in the article might be useful to you. Take care!

    1. Your best bet is to ask your doctor, but I would suggest you consider looking for one with a certification/verification seal (such as USP, NSF,

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