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Do daith piercings help?

Have any of you guys tried getting a daith piercing? I had never heard of it helping migraines before today, and am curious to hear if any of you have found relief.

  1. Hi there k_nelson,
    There has certainly been lots of questions and lively discussion surrounding the effectiveness of a daith piercing. Unfortunately, results tend to be very mixed. Some have experienced a change in their migraine frequency and severity, some it was only temporary, while others experienced no change. You may find some of this information useful to review.

    Could a daith piercing solve your migraine problem? (be sure to read the member comments at the conclusion of the article)

    Thanks so much for your question!
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Have you tried a daith piercing?

  2. Hi K_Nelson,

    I woke up one Saturday morning with a "bad one" coming on, I'd had enough and heard Daith Piercings worked, so I went down to the local tattoo/piercing shop and had it done there and then.

    It sounds dramatic, but it cleared the migraine within a couple of hours and all my "secondary symptoms" decreased immediately. I felt great. In fact I hadn't realised how much suffering with migraines had affected my moods until they were actually "gone".

    Unfortunately the piercing didn't take for me, so, I had to remove it a few months later and within a couple of weeks my symptoms started coming back again and they increased in frequency and intensity.

    So, at the moment I don't have a piercing, but seriously considering trying it again! I don't know the science behind any of this but it worked for me and I hope this helps someone else.



    1. These piercings are based on an acupuncture location. From what I've been told from chiropractors and individuals who perform acupuncture is that scientifically there is not a bases for it. They say this because you're not able to permanently activate an acupuncture spot. Despite this, some individuals have said it has made a difference for them, while others said it didn't do anything for them.
      I hope that helps you some.

      Amanda Workman (contributor & moderator)

      1. Do you have yours done?
        If it can't be scientifically proven do you have any idea why it helps so many people?

    2. My university neurologist suggested I try it - so I am trying it. We will see. I don't have an opinion either way. Got it two days ago - it hurt. No help so far but didn't expect it this fast.

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