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Dark Website backgrounds

Dark Website Backgrounds...

It is literally painful for me to look at, let alone read the info on websites with black or dark backgrounds. I cannot be on them longer than five seconds, ten seconds max or it will trigger a nitemare Migraine.

I am not epileptic however my brain cannot handle strobe lights or games (or movies) with flashing lights either. I literally flip out and hide.

Does anyone else have the same problem? I am researching to find out if it is related to eye color or something else. I am a Chronic Migraineur with green eyes. I have always been highly sensitive to sunlight and certain lightings.

Thanks and Be Well all

  1. Hi LeeRoberts,

    YES! I have trouble reading anything online with a black or dark background. Strobe/flashing lights, florescent lights, sunlight, odors and others are strong triggers for me as well. Avoiding these isn't always easy.


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