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What has been your biggest struggle dealing with migraine as an invisible condition?

  1. No one gets the daily pain. I would never wish migraines upon someone, but it would be nice to feel like people understand what I am truly feeling.

    1. I think my biggest struggle is the lack of understanding of most of the world. Only those from our "planet" really get it. And I think the biggest contributor to misunderstanding is the Excedrin commercials.

      1. Hi there Lori,
        Thank you greatly for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Those in the migraine community truly seem to be the only ones that truly "get it" and yes...the Excederin commercials sure have aided in stirring up some controversy! Many would certainly agree! Take good care, Joanna ( Team)

    2. Nobody really understands that the non-pain symptoms are almost as uncomfortable as traditional pain and that migraine pain is not traditional. They don't understand the fog, the sound and light sensitivities, or any number of other things and that they're always present in some form or another. I actually heard a family member tell another family member that my headaches "seem very convenient."

      1. Agreed. No one who hasn't had them understands. I actually had ONE boss who could look at my face in the mornings and know what kind of pain I was in, only because he had migraines too. Everyone else seems to think that it's "convenient" or I do it for attention. My partner understands, which is awesome, but even they don't have the first hand knowledge. And yes, those Excedrin commercials INFURIATE me. And something i noticed: The "migraine" formula of Excedrin is EXACTLY the same as the regular one. Look at the ingredients, it's literally the same. Same amount of acetominophen/aspririn/caffeine. A rip off, for sure.

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