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Which part of your invisible condition of migraine do you wish people would see?

  1. How you are always dealing with pain. It never goes away...never.
    People just don't seem to understand it.

    1. It sure is a constant daily struggle managing and dealing with the pain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and know we understand this battle. Wishing you a gentle day, Joanna ( Team)

  2. I agree k_nelson. I wish there were colors radiating from the pain so people could see the fiery red orange emanating from the left side of my head. You know, like a cartoon? When someone got near the fiery red orange they'd feel a zap and get to experience our pain for a little bit. Just so they could understand. After the little bit is over tell them this is what I constantly feel. So if I seem confused, slow to answer, bitchy, sad, depressed, tired -- it would be understood why.

    1. Joleen1966,
      YES...that would be AMAZING and I think truly enlighten SO many!! To make it even better the fiery red orange giving a little zap would help even more for others to understand! Thanks for joining in on this topic. -Joanna ( Team)

    2. I agree, well said

  3. How bad the light sensitivity is. I always feel like all the people who have been so horrible to me, if they lived in my body for just a week, if they understood how much I hurt, they would get it. They would understand I wasn't lying just because this degree of sensitivity wasn't something they had heard of. I have to believe they aren't evil, just really uneducated. Even my doctors.

    1. Hi there GardensatNight,
      Thank you so much for joining in on this conversation. As I am sure you are aware, so many can relate to this frustration! Light sensitivity is such a tremendous challenge. In case you missed it, I thought I would share a video one of our contributor's shared where she provides some tips to manage this -

      Take good care,
      Joanna ( Team)

  4. The visual auras and the bizarre blind spots. If people could see how much vision I lose with my migraines they'd understand why I can't drive with one, and can't work with one, and really shouldn't walk up and down stairs with one either! I'm blessed to know enough people who are understanding about chronic pain that they believe me when I describe how much a migraine hurts, but they're baffled when I'm stuck at home on a moderately good day for pain because it's a bad day for auras and I'll walk into a light pole and never know what hit me!

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