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I'm new here so a little background: I'm a 46 year-old male. I've been getting daily migraines for the last 9 days in a row. Prior to this I had been getting them weekly for the last few years. I've been keeping a journal, and so far I haven't been able to determine what might have triggered this change. It might be stress, so I'll continue to try to practice meditation and maybe do some yoga. I'm going to see my primary doctor today for the first time. I'm sure he'll throw some kind of med at it because that's what doctors do.

The migraines certainly suck, but on top of that for me is the mental health aspect. I wake up everyday now knowing that there's a 99% chance I'm going to get a migraine. It'll come sometime in the afternoon, either around lunchtime or toward the end of my workday, and it will affect everything about me from my work to my relationships with coworkera, but especially depressing is that it pretty much "takes me out" as a husband and father of my 10 year-old daughter. That to me is the most depressing part. I begin to wonder what the point of living is if this is going to be my life from now on.

Prior to these daily migraines, I was already struggling with ADHD. I'm not sure how many people here are in the same boat, but ADHD by itself is hard enough. I've struggled with it and other mental health / low self-esteem challenges my entire life. Why life would decide to throw something like migraines at me now makes me think that life is out to get me no matter what I do. As ludicrous as that sounds, that's how it feels.

The depression is getting to me. I'm only 9 days into this, and although there are many things yet to be tried, I don't put much hope in anything working because, well, I am me, and it seems nothing comes easy for me. I'll keep looking and trying to find a solution of course, but living with this on a daily basis is really taking a toll on me in so many ways. I used to believe in a loving God, but now in my mind, if he exists, he's more of a distant, cold and uncaring being who has absolutely no problem with letting me or anyone else suffer greatly no matter how much they pray.

Thanks for letting me vent. I await the replies of others berating me for being self-centered and reminding me of how blessed I am compared to other people in the world whose suffering makes mine look like a cake walk.

  1. Trust me, we know this no cake walk. I sympathize with you and very much understand how you feel. I am a 38yr. old female who has been suffering from migraines for 22 years. I also have ADD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, depression and severe anxiety. I have attempted suicide several times and have doctors pass me around like a hot potato because I haven't found anything that's helps my migraines, so I suffer ( hence the suicide attempts). I can no longer work because I have severe vertigo associated with my migraines and it freakin sucks. I have two daughters one in high school, one in college and my ex supports us, because I have not been approved for disability yet. I have maxed out all my credit cards trying to stay above water and now I'm sinking. You will find you get no judgement here, just lots of support and an ear always available for when you need to vent. Good Luck

    1. This post is good and concerned post.

      1. I would like to add some more thoughts to this post. The problem of the author of this post can be understood well. It's very true that migraine is a very tough disorder to fight with. It can suck everything from your life, you can no more do the things which you were doing related to the personal and professional lives both. Undergoing anxiety and depression whole time and everyone gets frustrated from you because you are no more able to perform your work sincerely and well. But, dear, your migraine problem can be resolved by various treatments, you can also have various exercises, morning walks, meditation, yoga and several other activities which can reduce your migraine problem. Just feel fresh and energetic to overcome your problem. Migraine sufferers can also have a psychic session as the psychics are very good counselors. Psychics like Martine-Voyance are considered as very good counselors thus they can destroy your depression, which as a result can cure the migraine problem. Martine-Voyance can provide you various tips on how to control your depression and thus you can return to your work and everything with the fresh energy.

    2. bingle~
      How did your doctors appointment go?

      1. Dear bingle,
        Please always know this is always place to vent and you will hopefully always find the unconditional support you might be looking for. Please do not give up hope for better days!! I know it may seem like it may be too difficult and nothing will work, but there are over 100+ treatment combinations that can be considered. I thought I'd share these two articles that provide you with some hope - and

        If you don't mind me asking too, how did your appointment go?

        I am so happy that you have reached out and look forward to hearing back.
        -Joanna ( Team)

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