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DHE Infusions?

I've been hearing a lot of good things about DHE infusions here and Botox, I just wanted to know everyone's opinions on what works best/ most effectively. I've gotten I shots of lidocaine in my neck which seemed to work the first time but the second seemed to make them worse so now I'm afraid to try anything else. My prescribed rescue meds are no longer effective and I really need to figure out something new preventative or otherwise, thoughts?

  1. Thanks for your question! As you wait for possible feedback from the community, I thought I would share a video where you may find the member comments at the conclusion especially useful to review -

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    1. I have done both - 3 rounds of Botox made no difference for me. But the DHE timed infusion for 4 days did finally curb my most severe 10 day long migraine at 10/10 pain (was hospitalized). It was a horrible experience though, it made me very very sick to my stomach - threw up every dose which was about 6 hours apart (I think? The days and times really merged into one another). Even with a massive dose of maxaran first and a slow infusion. I finally learned if I laid on my back for the whole time and didn't move my head one inch .... i would only dry heave (I barely was eating too). I did have some cardiac symptoms from the first dose too. But it worked so I'll take it when absolutely neccaesary.

      1. Thank you, this really helps me I've recently gotten a lidocaine injection in my neck and temple and it was horrible and made my migraine so much worse. I was wondering what else was out there and if it was worth trying 😀

    2. I get both DHE and botox! I used to get migraines for two weeks in a row regularly. It was awful and i think the botox has helped somewhat break up that cycle. However it doesnt help my regular headaches. Ive tried so many different things that at this point it can be hard to tell whats helping what. It also triggers a migraine for me, which my doctor has said happens in some people but not everyone, good to keep in mind if you try it. DHE on the other hand has helped shorten the length of my migraines but it has awful side effects and when you already feel bad enough from a migraine its not very pleasant. I know it doesnt sound like glowing recommendations for either thing, but they both still work somewhat so I still use it.

      1. Thank you! I've been looking into what else is out there and if it would help/ be worth the side effects. From what I've heard I think it's to risky for me right now just based on how many shots I've gotten recently.

    3. I have done the lidocane shots and also steroid shots (I assume you're referring to nerve blocks) and found neither of them to be effective. They would numb my scalp for a few hours, but trigger a migraine that lasted for 3-4 days, and then do nothing to alter my migraine pattern.

      I find botox to be very effective. I get it every 13 weeks. I do not get a migraine triggered from it. I get about 9-10 awesome weeks where I have fewer headaches, then slowly, my scalp starts to feel bad again, and I am desperate for botox time to come back around. But it is worth it for the good weeks.

      Triptans don't work for me any more either. OR rather, they "work" for a few hours, and then the migraine rebounds twice as bad as it was before. So obviously I do not take them. For infusions, I get magesium, depakon, fluids, and if it's a particularly hard one to kick (and mind you, mine last 5-7 days, so worse than that), DHE and zofran. I do not have any side effects from DHE as long as they give me zofran with it. Not everyone does. You just have to try it and see how your body reacts.

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