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DHE injectible availability at pharmacy

Has anyone been able to fill a prescription for DHE, dihydroergotamine, injectibles, recently? Where? Name of pharmacy would be appreciated. I know there is a shortage, and the drug is backordered until mid-November; I'm looking for a pharmacy that still has some on their shelves. Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi plriotta,

    It looks like there is still a shortage according to the FDA site, The best thing may be to call around to the various pharmacies in your area and see what's available or if they know when it will be.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful,


    1. The nurse at my neurologist's office told me today the local hospital recently treated someone with DHE. So I'm wondering if they are starting to produce it but limit to hospitals?

      1. It has been available to our local pharmacy since 12/1 or so. I have gotten 2 refills since then. Thanks for your reply!

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