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Different Severity?

Hi guys,

Does anybody else find that they have a few different 'types' of migraine which they suffer regularly?

For instance I've called mine Grade 1-3 for a few years now.
Grade 1 is s something that I can deal with fairly easy. It usually comprises of a lot of my prodrome symptoms, fatigue, and the onset of pain which is distracting but I can medicate with a coffee and tablets and make it through the day.

Grade 2 is a bit more severe. I can't stand working on the computer, I feel unsafe to drive, I have balance and speech issues i.e. I slur alot or get words confused for others. I have very intense pain and am extremely sensitive to light. I usually feel nausea with a grade 2 whereas I often don't with grade 1. I crave carbs with grade 2, particularly crisps or burgers (weird I know). I would normally want to leave work if I had this stage but I could make it through the day if I had no other choice.

Grade 3 - I get this kind of migraine about 2 or 3 times a year at most and it literally floors me. I have the full sh-bang; vomiting, nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, heavy limbs, slurred speech, balance problems, severe/chronic pain, Even triptan and a combination of other meds don't usually halt this kind of migraine I just have to ride it out for about 48-72 hours.

I'd say that about 60% of my migraines are Grade 1, 38% are Grade 2 and 2% are Grade 1. I can easily distinguish what kind of migraine I am having but when asked to explain it verbally I just can't get vocalize just how horrible it is.

I am at the point now where my boss doesn't believe me when I take a day off because she sees me having Grade 1 migraines and managing to get through the day. She can't understand that sometimes they are 100x worse.

Could somebody please tell me I'm not crazy?

  1. Blue Monster,
    You are not crazy! I have chronic Migraines and am never without some level of Migraine. I'd never thought of them as Grade 1, 2 or 3, but your system makes sense to me. I imagine that depending on how severe the Migraine is, you take abortive medication to help?

    I'm not sure how to convey it to your boss, but I understand exactly what you are saying. This article may give you some ways in which to discuss your Migraines with your boss or anyone else in your life who doesn't quite get how bad they can be.

    I hope that just knowing you are not alone helps!
    -Katie Moderator

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