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Disability Lawyers

I want to know if anyone knows of a good disability lawyer in New Jersey?


  1. I live in Delaware, so unfortunately I don't. But I can tell you how I found mine. Delaware has a magazine called "Delaware Today", each year they have a "best of" issue and my lawyer was voted best SSI lawyer in the state by her peers. If New Jersey has something like that, I would start there. You can probably look at back issues (or have someone do it for you, depending on your situation) at your local library. Hope that helps. Good Luck.

    1. Hi Dana,
      Thank you for the advice.
      When I did a google search for disability lawyers NJ I found one close by.
      But I will search for something Best of Lawyers.
      I've seen the best doctors so maybe there will be one for lawyers.
      Have you had any luck with your lawyer?

      1. Well, I hired an attorney before I even applied because, in Delaware, unless you are blind or have a brain injury..etc... you are always rejected the first time. They immediately went to work on my appeal, which was declined again. I'm only 37 and they said that works against me. I am now on the schedule to have my case go before a judge in the next 9 months. They have done ALL the work, occasionally, they send me a form to update doctors I have seen ( I have several medical conditions) but they get all the files/notes. It allows me to focus on seeing my doctors, not stressing on dealing with Social Security. I do not recommend taking on this process without an attorney. So definitely keep searching for a "best of" kind of list or ask your doctor if they can recommend someone. Also, remember some attorneys can practice law in more than one state. Not sure how close to Delaware you are....?

        1. Hi,
          I'm in northern New Jersey. Paramus. I'm getting more depressed just thinking about all this.

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