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Disappointed again

Well, count me in the disappointed column...yet again. I went to a new doctor, a Headache Specialist even, but she just didn't "get it." Unfortunately I'm in a rural state so headache specialists are extremely rare. Needless to say, I was jumping for joy when she opened her office. When I went in it was everything a migraineur, soothing, dim lighting, quiet. I was over the moon. But the appointment was a mess. Fortunately I'm kind of in the maintenance stage, but my rescue meds are starting to lose their effectiveness. I told her my daily regiment seemed fine, I knew exactly what my triggers were, my sleep and exercise were under control yada yada yada. Did she listen to any of that? NO! It seemed like she had her own checklist of new drugs she wanted me to try. All at once too. This isn't my first rodeo and I'm afraid it won't be my last. So, I walked out of that beautiful office disappointed as usual. Back to the drawing board. Why don't they ever listen??


  1. Hi Beth,

    I'm so sorry you were less than thrilled with your appointment. Is this doctor a "true" migraine expert or a doctor who claims they are an expert? There is a big difference - true migraine/headache experts are board certified in headache medicine and treat one disorder all day, every day, migraine and headache. Here is a link for a list of doctors who are board certified in headache medicine;

    How many days a month are you getting attacks? If more than 4 severe attacks a month, your preventive plan needs to be reassessed. Could that be what she was focusing on?

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