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Can I start using fioricet again after I have detox?

I have been using Fioricet for about 20yrs. and it has worked wonderful for me. Several months ago my headaches started to increase and I went into medication overuse getting rebound headaches everyday. I have not taken Fioricet for 12weeks and have used Sumatriptan in an emergency but I really don’t like the side effects. Can I go back to using Fioricet without issues with rebound headaches. I could not get an appointment with a specialist until the middle of January.

  1. HI woodrow,

    Thank you for your question. If it were me, I wouldn't start Fioricet again - it's possible more like probable that you'll end up in another medication overuse cycle again.

    You may want to discuss trying another form of sumatriptan. I am unable to use the pill form of triptans, but do very well with the nasal sprays. Oneztra (you can read about here; is great, except my insurance won't cover it.

    Best of luck and let us know how you make out with your specialist appointment!

    1. Hi, I have been using Fioricet on and off since 1986 when a physician in Pittsburgh, PA prescribed it for me after I moved there.

      Before moving I was in graduate school at Marquette University in the mathematics department. The headaches were all the time. Surprised I even graduated.

      When in Pittsburgh I had surgery and woke up with a morphine drip ! I yelled for someone to take it away and just give me Fioricet.

      It has been the only medication I have taken. It works well enough. I do not need ALL the pain to go away.

      Had 2 foot surgeries after moving to Yuma, AZ in 1989. Again the surgeon wanted me to take oxycodone or something similar. I refused. So Fioricet is the ONLY pain med I ever take. No matter what.

      Now back in Pittsburgh again. Looking for a physician that will give me at least 60/month. No luck so far. Taking Magnesium - wrong kind I think from what I read here today.

      I have never had withdrawal symptoms nor problems going back to taking them.

      I do know one can order any drug online but very expensive I think.

      Nothing works for me like Fioricet. I won’t take anything stronger.

      I just read today :

      Fiorinal - 300mg acetaminophen
      Fioricet - 325mg acetaminophen

      Did not know that. I would like to try Fiorinal with less acetaminophen. For some reason I don’t like more acetaminophen than necessary.

      By the way I am 78. So a long life with headaches and different ways of dealing with them. Started when I was about 30.

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