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Dizzy with migraine?

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced some lightheaded or dizziness with getting a migraine? I have been getting migraines since I was 17 ( I'm in my thirties now) and this is the first time I've ever experienced being lightheaded while having a migraine. From what I have researched, it's not unheard of but I talked to a nurse practitioner at my doctors office and she said it's not likely so I'm confused.

  1. Yes, I started having this as a symptom a few years ago - sometimes it's my only symptom. My doctor has prescribed klonopin to help with the dizziness. I had a severe bout of vertigo, BPPV, and had to have vestibular therapy which helped quite a bit.

    Good luck to you!

    1. Oh wow thank you for responding, I was thinking there was something else wrong with me! Interesting to see klonopin prescribed for dizziness.

  2. Yes, I get dizzy whenever my brain goes into migraine mode. Think lying down all day and going on your butt down the stairs!

    1. Omg! Thankfully I don't have stairs to go down and lying down all day is definitely in the plan for today as the migraine has not let up. Thank you for responding.

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