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Waking With Migraine

Hi All!

Everytime I get a migraine (I'm not 100% they're migraine but think so, I get no nausea or sensitivity to light or sound but sometimes do) and I repeat EVERYTIME I get a migraine, I wake with it.

Something is obviously happening in my sleep. Anyone else get this?

I either wake with a slight headache, and it gets worse during the day, or I wake and it's bad straight away, or I wake and I feel groggy or my head just doesn't feel right (no headache but can kind of tell one might come) and one develops. However, if I wake without one but I think one is coming, if it hasn't started within a couple of hours it doesn't. If I wake without a headache, I never get one start within the day. I only ever wake up with one.

What's the cause, anyone any ideas?

Changed my pillow a few months ago as well as the one I had was too deep. My bed is comfortable.
I'm pretty certain I'm not teeth grinding either.


  1. Do you noticed this happening with barometric changes?. I have the same problem. However, a lot of things trigger my waking migraine. Hormonal changes, Weather specially. Going to bed late or drinking red wine with more tannins than others. Etc. What I do, if I have it one day, I tried to take my migraine medicine before to bed. That usually helps to brake the cycle.

    1. I had such a migranes every morning. i am a young mom. The constant lack of sleep, a new rhythm of life, and chronic fatigue and of cause - headaches

  2. Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Not sure if it will be hormonal changes being male haha!

    Barometric changes (changes in air pressure?. Not sure about that one.

    Not sure.

    Oversleeping is definitely a factor but happen at times when I don't. If I sleep 7.5-8 hours, I'm ok, 8.5 hours and there's a 10% chance of a headache, 9hrs or more and it dramatically increased to 60-70% chance.

    1. Sounds like getting on a sleep schedule should help, especially since you say that oversleeping increases the chance of getting one. That means going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday, and limiting yourself to 7.5-8 hrs.

      Do you have any neck/back pain on the migraine days when waking? You said you have a new pillow and a comfy bed, so I'm guessing not.

      you didn't really say how often this happens, but if it's pretty often, you might want to see a headache specialist and talk to him/her about preventatives and/or they can possibly help you discover why this is happening.

      The ones that I wake up with are always the worst!

      1. Hi!

        Yeah this happens occasionally. It happens when I haven't got to get up for anything so I oversleep.

        Yes, I think I need a schedule. Go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time and not exceeding 8 hrs.

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