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Do you have a quick easy way to let your significant other know you have a migraine?

Do you have a quick easy way to let your significant other know you have a migraine?

Do ya'll use a specific emoji over text? Or do you have another quick and easy way to let your other half or family) know that you are down with a migraine?

  1. I don't need to tell my husband I have migraine. He can see it by looking at me. After being together for so long by looking at my face, listening to my speech pattern or how I am reacting to others in conversation he knows when it's time to leave. Many of my family members also know the signs of a migraine coming or in process. Being a 20+ year migraine sufferer and finally on disability I have taken off the, "I'm okay mask" and the pain shows through my face.

    1. I second this. My husband knows when I start getting mumbled-jumbled speech;

    2. - sorry my comment was cut off. I believe I was saying my husband knows and is very supportive during migraine attacks. It's written on my face and in my actions when episodes hit. My mask has been off for quite a while now as I am dealing with other comorbidities as well. I can't keep pretending I am fine when I really am suffering through an episode and/or with chronic pain. I am blessed. He is very comforting, accommodating, and attentive as he understands the pain involved in chronic disease. Rebecca (comm advc)

  2. , my husband and friend know that I am not feeling well and they are very kind and helpful. Most of my family are having their own problems. I have lost all of my Aunts on one side of the passed this year, so we do what we can.

    1. - Its always a blessing when family/friends "tune into" how you are feeling - especially when it is as painful a situation as migraine disease. I am terribly sorry for your loss. It can be a difficult and lonely time when losing those we love. I hope that family and friends come together over the holidays for a little time to enjoy each other's company and put aside the difficult times for a bit. Warmly ~ Rebecca (comm advc)

    2. I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I am sending a lot of best wishes and positive thoughts your way. It is great that you have a circle of attentive people. That is definitely something that everybody deserves. I hope you can stay strong and get through everything you have going on. Sending you a virtual hug. - Amanda W (team member)

  3. This is a great question! I honestly never thought about sending something along the lines of an emoji through a text. I really like the idea of doing so because I hate complaining to my husband but for me when I am telling him I'm having a hard time he knows I'm having a REALLY hard time. I have chronic intractable migraine so I am in pain/experiencing symptoms every day but he knows when I speak up about the intensity and severity it truly is horrible. I do also believe he can see it in my face and will instantly offer to help in any way. I think it might be a good way to express to him that I'm having a tough time with head pain & associated symptoms by using an emoji. I will definitely have a conversation about this with him because it would be quick and easy and makes sense. Thank you for this question as it really got me thinking!
    Kim (Team Member)

    1. I guess it will just be whatever emoji we come up with personally. I do like the idea of a quick emoji because I do not have to type it out. It could be as quick as hitting three buttons and done. A

  4. My loved one with migraine simply points to their head when they can't get out of bed and we all get the picture. We can also tell in the softness of their voice and the set of their jaw while sleeping. -Melissa, team

    1. It is great that you are so supportive of your loved one. I can speak from experience, it means the world when our pain is understood by those we love. I wish more people could experience that type of understanding. Kepp you the great work - Amanda W (team member)

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