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Does anyone have vestibular migraines? I think I just had my second one this year.

  1. Yes that is what the doctor diagnosed me with. I've had these migraines for many years. I would get vertigo right before my migraine, then when the vertigo eased up the migraine would hit. I had to sleep it off for the whole day, I thought all along that I was having a vertigo attack until the doctor diagnosed me with vestibular migraines. I'm still a little confused about why this happens but learned to deal with it. I take Advil migraine pills with the onset of a migraine, it takes the edge off a little but I still need to sleep it off. My father suffered with these vestibular migraines for many many years, but we thought it was just a vertigo attack. Please let me know your story

    1. I actually suffer from chronic vestibular migraines. Before being diagnosed I was sent to an ENT to rule out inner ear issues, however I had no signs of hearing loss. Unmediated I suffer from varying bouts of vertigo more than 2 weeks out of every month but they aren't always accompanied by a head ache. I hope you find a good way to manage your vestibular migraines.

      1. I have been diagnosed with Menieres Disease, which I am confident is accurate. However, I believe there is a connection between this vestibular problem and my Chronic Migraine condition. Often vertigo without the violent whirling of a major Menieres attack precede or follow a migraine.

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