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Good Morning Im on my 6th day of my 3rd time back on Trokendi. I swore id never do it again but the pain of my migraines won. My dr has me on 200mg of time release trokendi for 7 days then he has me going on 100mg 2 times a day of topamax. Im not sure how I feel about this Im sure he knows best but im still worried, the first day on trokendi was horrible with side effects and then it got progressively better after that. Any thoughts on how to take dosage of topamax to lessen the effects

  1. HI carlact,

    Thank you for your question! I'm concerned the dose you've been started at may be too high. According to the Trokendi XR (extended release) it states started at 25 mgs a day for a week and slowly increasing by 25 mg each week. Many of us do better when we start at a low dose (and avoid potential side effects) of this medication and slowly taper up to an appropriate therapeutic dose. Here is the site;

    I hope this helps!

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