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Dull headache for 7 days after Aura

Hello all, It all started 6 days before while doing lunch in office suddenly a rainbow type multicolor flashes appeared and with time it increases this is first time I see in life I got panic and rushed to home and sleep for an hour after that I becomes normal. After that I check with Eye specialist she said everythng is normal in eye possible its an migraine. I do have migraine pain before but this visual disturbances comes in life for first time. Since that evening I have dull headache in forehead and some times in back head which comes and go occasionally nausea. Some times I feel completely OK and some times this dull headache bothers me. I had been to NEURO he said we will wait for another month he prescribed me Vitamins tablets and asked me to come after a month. Well Thanks for this Forum I feel like I am not alone if anyone have this dull headache symptoms which comes and goes please suggest me any other remedies may be some thing is triggering me which I couldn't able to find out ....

  1. Hi there! Sorry you are going through this. The truth is that migraine can change over time, so new symptoms can appear and others can go away over your lifetime. You did the right thing going to the eye doctor and neuro. Have you taken any medications in the past? I am wondering why your neuro wants to wait before giving you treatment -- did you have bloodwork done that showed problems with vitamin levels?

    Hope you can find answers soon. Keep us updated please! -Melissa, team

    1. Thanks for reply … I m feeling better still I didn’t start medicine but today I didn’t had much pain … Bcoz of holiday I didn’t goto office so I think could be Computer is culprit but will wait and watch and update too ….

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