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Anyone else get an 'earthquake' of vertigo ?

Sometimes I get shaky & dizziness that's sudden and lasts maybe 20 seconds. Feels like I'm going to fall on the floor; even when I'm sitting down. The room gets one big shaky/lurch and then it's gone. This is usually prior to a migraine attack. Accompanied by dizziness. I've no idea what it is. Catches me by surprise 🙁 Not a horrible symptom, just jolting and uncomfortable.

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  1. Hi petmigraine,

    That sounds a bit uncomfortable. Have you had a chance to mention this to the doctor? If not I would encourage you to as it's important to share new and different symptoms and/or patterns with him or her.

    I have issues with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) if I switch positions in bed or get up too quickly. In fact, I've had a few treatments (not sure what to call them) to help with this from PT. I think it was called the Epley maneuver.

    Keep me posted!

    1. Yes, they seem to think it's just another migraine symptom to deal with. Luckily, it's not lasting or bad~ Just rather shocking.
      I'm sorry you deal with vertigo..I've had bouts of that, too and it's no fun ! My Dr. tried the positioning maneuver a couple times but it didn't help. I found relief with OTC meclizine (motion sickness section at the drug store). Best wishes~

  2. I get objective vertigo in which the environment seems to "spin" , sometimes like a fast blurry swish left and right and sometimes a persistant spin to one direction.

    I also get subjective vertigo where it feels like I am the one moving in a steady environment. This often feels like a swaying/rolling earthquake or like being on a boat.

    Either can effect me in motion or being still. Even laying down with my eyes closed.

    Some of my worst subjective vertigo is when trying to lay down.

    1. Ugh~ vertigo is the pits 🙁 Sorry you're dealing with that !

  3. Yes, I've suffered from regular vertigo with my migraines for years but in the past year or so I've started getting what you have described. I actually fell June 7th and broke my leg during an episode.

    1. Wow~ that's terrible ! Vertigo is hard to live with. Your mind tries to adjust to it but can't 🙁

  4. Yes I do get this 'earthquake' feeling. No lurching, but a brief shaking. Usually accompanied by a disturbance from tinitis. It's what I describe as a bag of aquarium rocks shifting in a wine glass making resonant frequency. I can't concentrate on anything.

    1. , I’m sorry to hear that you are having such disturbing symptoms. I hope you aren’t living with this frequently. There are doctors that specialize in balance and dizziness. It might be worth being checked out. ~ Peggy ( Team)

    2. Good description ! Tinnitus is not a fun addition to the mixed bag of migraine side-effects 😛 Sorry~

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