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Explaining chronic migraines to a 6 yr old

Does anyone have tips on explaining why grandma (me) is sick all the time to a smart 6 yr old ? Much appreciatedTIA

  1. Great question- we do have some great articles that talk about this exactly:

    So sorry you are facing this. You are not alone- as you will see from the second article that shows a lot of community feedback threaded throughout the piece. Please let us know how else we can support you. Thinking of you. - Holly ( team).

    1. Thank you Holly, My searching abilities are lacking, I looked before posting 🤷🏻‍♀️I will read it I appreciate the directions

      1. No worries at all! That's exactly what we're here for. Apologies that our hyperlinks aren't currently working so that you'll have to cut and paste those links into your browser. Let us know your thoughts, reflections and/or questions after you've had a chance to read those pieces. We are here for you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

      2. Thanks for digging these up, Holly -- I've often wished there was something I could refer young parents to when they are struggling. Definitely bookmarking these for future conversations. There are SO many amazing resources here. We're fortunate! -Melissa

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