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Extreme Fatigue after eating

Hello boys and girls! I have vestibular migraine and I've noticed that when I'm having an episode I feel exhausted to the point of collapse after I eat. This doesn't happen when I'm feeling okay.

Does anyone else get this? I've googled to the cows come home but I cannot find anything related on the net.

Thank you.

  1. Hi Kashka,

    Thank you for your post! So sorry to hear you are experiencing such extreme fatigue after eating. Have you spoken to your doctor? We always suggest here at chatting with your doctor when any symptoms crop up that are concerning to you. They will most be able to provide you with the most comprehensive answer. Also, while I do hope community members post their experiences, you can also post your question on our Facebook page - You may be able to garner further answers to your question. I hope you find this helpful! Wishing you all the best today.


    Meaghan ( Team)

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