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Feeling Guilty

Hi Everyone,

As I was out for a walk today, I was thinking a lot about all the struggles that you all are currently experiencing, which I have read about since joining this community. I can't help but feel guilty that my struggle has somewhat improved. With the help of keeping a log, it appears as though my pattern has now shifted from Chronic Migraine or Abdominal Migraine, (I' not sure which type I actually had), to Menstrual Migraine. Who knows where my pattern will take me to next. While I am so thankful, and feel so blessed, that my pattern and struggle have somewhat improved, I am so sorry for all of you, who continue to struggle on a daily basis. I wish there was something I could do to take all your migraines away for good. Keep fighting the good fight, and please know that I am always here to support you. 😀


  1. Hi Kstout135,

    Thank you so much for your post. We are so happy you are a part of our community. We appreciate your sentiments and thoughts. Thank you for the well wishes. And I am so happy to hear your migraine attacks have shifted to occurring less frequently. What wonderful news! Again, thanks for thinking of us all here at Wishing you all the best today.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Thank you Meaghan!

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