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Feeling "Weird."

Does anyone else find that you get in this I guess zone when you get a migraine where you just feel weird in a way that you may not always recognize because you can't put into words what you feel when you aren't in the headache zone and it just feels like you are almost in another world? Like, right now I have a migraine. I think. But I also just feel weird. And I feel weird in a way that feels unusual and new. But I get that feeling a lot with migraines. So I don't think it is actually new. I think my brain just thinks it is new because it is kind of out of it when in migraine zone. But this feeling of not knowing what I'm feeling triggers anxiety for me.

  1. Hi there - Thanks so much for posting your experience. The first thing that comes to mind while reading your post is brain fog. When I've experienced brain fog in the past, it had felt like I was wading through thick smoke, my memory was diminished, and time had a fuzzy, less clear progression. Very hard to describe if you've never experienced it. I encourage you to check out this article on brain fog and see if it resonates: There are many comments below the video, so be sure to check those out. There is also a fantastic article written by a fellow community member, which describes what their brain fog feels like for them. Check that out here: I will also tag , since she was the author of that first article. If she has anything to add, she should be along shortly.

    Wishing you well, and please do let us know if these resources resonate with your experience. We're happy to help in any way we can. - Cody (Team Member)

    1. You are definitely not alone in experiencing this weird, nameless funk. In addition to the articles Cody shared, I want to add one more because it's one of the most popular articles we've had in recent memory. I wonder if it will hit home with you -- just feeling off, and not knowing why.

      Thinking about you. You've been really active here, and I'm so glad you feel comfortable talking with us. 😀 -Melissa, migraine team

      1. Signing on to offer my experience with migraine and an inexplicable mood of gloom I get into usually before or at the start of (prodrome) migraine attacks. You are not alone. I begin to notice something off that I can only describe as an extended and elongated perspective or stance - hearing things in slow motion and processing much slower than usual, seeing things extended out like in a slow-moving tunnel with peripherals dim - a moving in slow motion - with a feeling of darkness coming over me - the gloom. I also become feeble, and sickly, and find I am slow in movement and can't complete things as I usually do. Last but not least, I become angsty and full of anxiety or less accepting of situations - annoyed quite a bit over normal things. This is usually when my husband asks if maybe a migraine is coming on and, as usual, he is very perceptive to the signals. I head to the medicine cabinet to grab my Triptan and motion sickness pill. 95% of the time migraine is the reason I am in this "funk" as Melissa calls it. It's truly a different feeling. Sending thoughts of healing and less pain. I hope others log on and offer up their experiences. Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

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