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What do you do to get rid of these feelings during an attack?

My emotions seem to be all over the place during migraines.

It seems like during migraines I have a really short temper or I feel like I'm even on the verge of breaking down. When I don't have a headache I am very cool headed and nothing gets to me at all. But I'm always on edge and uneasy. What do you do to get rid of these feelings?

  1. I also get crazy emotions before a migraine. It is one of most troubling and hard to deal with symptoms. And when you get 2-3 migraines a week ...... so I completely understand what you are going through. I do have depression and anixety on top of the chronic migraines and are on 2 meds daily and one as needed for the anixety. They work prefectly and everything is settled until a migraine comes.

    I have stickies all over the house that remind me that frustrated and crying, are due to the migraines and will stop. Other warning symptoms I understand that they mean a migraine is coming but the emotions I need to read it on the stickies to remind myself every time.

    Got to be something with the serotonin that migraines screw up in your brain during an attack.

    1. I get the same way sometimes. And other times I’m confused and forgetful. It’s terrible. I’m sorry for you, too

      1. I end up snapping at people about the littlest stuff when I get migraines. My migraines also tend to be really, really bad to the point where I can’t work or I have to sit down. A lot of the people around me don’t seem to get it though and tend to make assumptions or they think I’m just stressed out.

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