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Finally relief after more than 22 years!

My wife, Becky, is not big on posting things online, but I appreciate the opportunity to share and in fact revel in a success story.
My wife, Becky, just celebrated 15 weeks this past Tuesday migraine free and free of her migraine medicine (amitriptyline) which makes me want to sing to the high heavens!
When Becky and I first started dating, I went with her to get her prescription refilled once. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade and have had extensive training in hazardous materials, which has resulted in me being very safety conscious and a label reader! When I read her amitriptyline warning insert, I asked her if she really needed this drug. She told me that it was the only thing that worked to prevent her migraines.
Over the next several years, she tried unsuccessfully no less than 6 times to wean herself off of the drugs. Each attempt resulted in her suffering from debilitating migraines and being literally bedridden for at least a couple of days. The last time, a few years ago, her Optometrist told her that the pressure associated with the migraines was possibly the cause of the decline of her eyesight, and he advised her to stick with it.
I personally have only had a migraine once in my life, and that was about twenty years ago. I honestly thought that I was going to die - I actually went to the doctor and that Dr. ordered an MRI. I couldn't imagine dealing with migraines on a regular basis.
I can not begin to express my how happy I am that my wife has found a natural solution which has allowed her to quit taking the prescriptions after more than 22 years and now she no longer suffer from migraines. There are solutions out there and Becky is living proof!

  1. Brian,
    I am so excited for your wife and you are simply wonderful to tell her story. It's such a joy to hear a success story. Thank you for sharing!
    -Katie Moderator

    1. Soooo, what is the natural solution??? Maybe it would help the rest of us.

      1. Wow, this is incredible news. I'm so happy for both you and your wife!! Migraines are a difficult problem to deal with, but I'm sure your support and empathy were incredible powerful.

        Do you mind sharing what the natural solution that worked was? I'd love to hear, and it may help another migraine sufferer as well.

        Thank you!!

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