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First Time Botox Fiasco

Yesterday I received my first round of Botox, for migraines and my eye spasms and it left me a little freaked out.

I woke up with a slight headache yesterday and took some Aleve, my dystonia was also flaring and I was having trouble with my hands, and the zaps were back in full force. I didn't care I was ready for anything that might offer relief.

By the time I was about to get the shots the cute little headache had me in tears pressing my head against the office wall. I'd asked the receptionist if I could reschedule but she kept insisting the dr would see me soon...

So he did my eyes first, then 2 quick jabs to my temples. It hurt but was a welcome distraction from the headache that was brewing. The 3rd prick was in the back of my head... and I felt a zap so intense it threw me out of the chair.

The Dr asked if I was all right, said we were done. Looked at my regular neuros notes and asked when I had my last MRI. I knew what he was thinking as MS keeps coming up so I told him I was scheduled for an MRI today although my lumbar punch in December was clean. He said he wanted to see me in a week and to bring the MRI films not the cd.

Since this was my 1st time I really have no idea if this was normal or not.

I'm baffled that we were done at 3 injections. A few people in my dystonia group think he may have hit a nerve, which is possible although I've experienced that with ESIs in my spine although it was a much sharper jolt.

I'm also a little freaked out that he wants my MRI films next week.

I had to move my MRI back as this migraine won't quit and I knew I couldn't handle the noise.

Thoughts? I'm new to this (Botox) and don't know what's normal.

  1. Hi Sparrow,

    Ugh! I'm so sorry you're first experience with Botox was not great. I've honestly not heard of a doctor stopping after 3 injections, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. I am glad he wants to see you in a week, and hopefully go over things with you. May I suggest you write your questions down before you see him, that way you won't forget what topics you want to cover. When I bring my list of questions to my doctors appointments, I'm more focused and can get what I want accomplished. One of the first questions I would ask is: why did you stop and why did it hurt so much?

    I wish I had a better answer for you. Please let me know how you make out after your appointment.
    My first Botox is next Tuesday....


    1. Thanks, Nancy. I've been getting migraines & Icepicks 27 days a month (not MOH) so my brain isn't processing things as it normally would. Your response was really helpful, thank you! Since he's not my normal Neuro I didn't even think of that. Good luck on Tuesday & I'll let you know how it goes.

      1. Hi Sparrow,

        Looking forward to hearing from you!


        1. So I failed on making the list. I've had a nasty migraine that's kept me from eating, etc for days now... I almost wish it would spike to a 9 so I could get a shot.

          I lost track of time this morning and had to rush to grab the MRI films before my appointment.... Excuses Excuses!!!

          After looking at MRI he showed me some bright white spots that he thinks are scars left from migraines. He basically said we have to get them under control or else. Then reviewed my meds and realized I'm on 4 preventatives (not including Botox), and said we are doing everything possible. Then repeated we have to get them under control.

          He said we wouldn't do more injections until the next scheduled round. I'm wondering if it has to do with the injections to my eyes... From what I've read they limit the total amount given at one time...

          I sat there thinking that I'm grateful he's just the Botox Neuro.. July I had 27 migraine days, 13 in August so far....

          Fortunately he's friends with my Neuro and may he can help me get more rescue meds if the migraines are leaving lesions.

          I see my regular Neuro Monday and the radiologists report should be done by then as well. I'm just hoping they agree it's migraines and not MS as that's been suspected repeatedly over the last few years.

          On a positive Botox note, the shots he did for my eye spasms seem to have taken years off my face.

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