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First Time Post, Sorry Overwhelmed

I'm sincerely sorry for wasting a post on this thread especially since I'm new I don't know where else to go. I've had a nonstop migraine for a few days while it wasn't always horrible it was there. It's made me sick to my stomach, dizzy, unable to focus, and when the most accute moments come it hurts so bad I have to cry. I was awoken this morning by ravaging my body. I'm bad at gauging so please give me recommendations. I've taken over the counter migraine meds, allergy meds, and have an ice pack on it. When the massive pain withdrew slightly I immediately called my doctor as I didn't want to go to the ER. I'm shaking, light of any sort irritate it, I'm sick to my stomach and was barely able to keep meds down when taken with a banana. I'm dizzy and unable to think clearly and until I took the meds andbtheyvstarted to kick in slightly it has me fighting crying. However I keep talking myself down because I was able to write this post so I can't be that bad. Please somebody give me some advice, I'm not good at life management.

  1. Hi RTroy, I am sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. While we can't give you specific medical advice, we do like to caution you against letting a migraine go 72 hours without seeking medical treatment for it, as it can be dangerous and put us at risk for Migrainous stroke and other concerns: I know you mentioned you contacted your doctor- please make sure and follow through with getting seen. ~Melanie Merritt ( team member)

    1. Hi RTroy. Sorry this is happening. Have you had migraines before? Second the advice that it's important to try not to let migraines linger more than 72 hours.

      OTC migraine meds may not be enough to actually stop the migraine (I'm assuming they're just a painkiller and some caffeine.) Has your doctor ever seen you for your migraines and given you a prescription to try? Sometimes they can also give you a nausea med to take at home too to help combat that aspect of it. Definitely what you are currently doing sounds miserable and is not recommended! (Except the ice part. I LIVE with an ice pack attached to my head during migraines.) I would go visit your doctor 😀

      Also, with the OTC meds and allergy meds like benadryl, keep in mind that those (and prescription headache meds like triptans and painkillers) all fall under the category of things that can cause rebound headache. People with headache disorders are usually advised not to take them more than twice per week, three times in an emergency in order to avoid developing additional headaches. Just so you're aware.

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