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Folic Acid (vitamin B9)

Hi, my name is Katie and I started taking a prenatal vitamin called folic acid (vitamin B9) 3 months ago (without being pregnant at the moment). I have noticed a real decrease in migraine frequency since then and also a better response to classic OTC medicin such as aspirin. That was not the case before since I had to take Maxalt triptan very often (too often) in order to avoid my typical migraine attacks that cause me 3 days of bedrest in the dark with a lot of vomiting… Having these horrible migraine attacks for almost 16 years now I was constantly searching for causes/triggers and possible cures. I am very surprised, I never thought that this vitamin would make such a difference, especially since I already took various vitamin B supplements in the past (but very often they don't include vitamin B9) and it never had the slightest positive effect.

I would like to know if other women have noticed the same side effect of this vitamin? I have been doing some research on the net where I did find an Australian study that talked about a possible benefit of this vitamin for migraine patients with aura. Since I don’t have any aura I would especially like to hear from migraine patients without aura!

  1. Hi Katie,

    Thank you so much for your question and sharing your great news! I'm so happy to hear you've found something to help reduce your migraine frequency - that's fantastic!

    I've not had experience with B9, but hopefully others will be along shortly to share theirs with you.

    Keep us posted on your progress,

    1. Hi Katie,

      That's funny, I just heard a friend tell my sister of the breakthrough study regarding folic acid. She said that migraine sufferers lack a gene that helps digest folic acid. When supplmented via folic acid supplements, the body gets what it needs. Her friend used to get horrible, reoccurring migraines until she started taking it. Now, she doesn't have any. It is a breakthrough! Hopefully the word will spread. Think of the millions this could help (or hurt if you are a pharmaceutical company 😀. Congratulations!!

      1. Thank you for your reaction Mary! It is indeed just a low-cost vitamin supplement to take but it can make a world of difference! I tried so many things before (preventive treatments, acupuncture, probiotics, dental occlusion etc) and nothing worked! I was so surprised to see that this small vitamin intake had such a huge effect on me! Do you know what dose your sister's friend is taking? Is it the 2mg such as in the study or 0.4mg as in prenatal treatments?

        1. Use Folate, the bioavailable form of Folic Acid. I can't site the studies, but in my own research last year, I read the taking Folic Acid supplements has been linked to cancer.

          The studies for migraine indicate 2 grams per day.


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