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Migraine every 5 days - what can be the reason for the regular frequency?

Hi, I'm mum to a daughter who has migraines. Our daughter has been got an ADD and asperger diagnosis 1 month ago. It is probably a combination of these two, that gives her very frequent migraines. Our daughter lacks a "filter" in relation to the surroundings, when she stays in an environment with many people or a lot of activity. Therefore, she also has difficulty concentrating in a school class. All in all, despite the migraine, she has the diagnoses in a milder version.

The migraine is very regular and comes exactly every 5 days, regardless of prior activity. My question to the forum is whether there are others, who experience a very regular migraine, and if you have come closer to the reasons why it is so regular. Does anyone with very regular migraines have problems with constipation? And possibly have seen a connection or experienced reduction of the migraine based on dietary changes, that simultaneously improve the intestinal system? Thanks in advance for all the answers. Mum from Denmark

  1. Hi @bedk,
    The cause of migraines are still very much a mystery. Some people are able to attribute them to certain things such as foods or their monthly cycle, sometimes you just can't pin point it to anything. I was suggest (if you aren't already) tracking your migraines. There are apps on you phone that make it super easy. Also, keep a food diary for a while. I know it's a hassle when you're already in pain who wants to deal with stuff like that too, right? It will help both you and your doctor to "see" them rather then trying to recall them.
    Also, is this new... it's always important to report changes in your migraines to your doctor. I hope this helps a little. I'd love to hear back from you to see how things are going.
    Good Luck,

    1. Thank you for your answer 😀

      1. Hi - Thank you for your question. Since migraines can be so different for each person experiencing them, it can be quite difficult to know the exact cause without first examining preceding events or triggers. You mentioned that your child was recently diagnosed with both ADD and Asperger Syndrome. I've included an article sharing how children on the autism spectrum can experience both migraines and gastrointestinal symptoms. I hope you find the article informational, and please continue to reach out to the community for guidance and support. We are here for you!
        ~Marci, team

        1. Hi Marci, thank you very much for the article, which I look forward to read 😀 Best regards, Bettina

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