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Has anyone had a sudden period of frequent attacks?

Hi All, I'm new to this group and it's great seeing your comments and just want to say thanks.

I've suffered with Hemiplegic Migraine for over 40 years and it's been a bit of a life challenge but one I can say I deal with most of the time. However the last 3 weeks have been my worst ever with attacks every other day and it's leaving me exhausted. Has anyone else had a sudden period of frequent attacks like this with no apparent reason?

  1. I started having just the aura and not a headache,the aura lasts for 30 minutes then goes away, I have had a few over the last two weeks. It seems like a vicious circle asI get so nervous and then I have one. After I feel fine . Any suggestions? I take Advil migraine which helps make the aura go away

    1. Hey Feather, it seems to me that you have got yourself stuck in a ruck. I know it's hard not thinking when the next attack will come but you have to try. I went for years causing myself migraines by getting stressed out over the very thing I was trying to control. The great news is that you have found something that helps you get rid if your aura quite quickly.

  2. Mine have usually have 4-6d btw them, and I am down to 2-3 all Dec. and Now Jan. Normally I know the triggers, but I am clueless right now.

    1. Hi Rich360,

      I am sorry to hear your migraine attacks have become so frequent. It sounds as though you could possibly be experiencing chronic migraine attacks. I have attached a link that you may find helpful on diagnosing chronic migraine, so you can discuss this with your doctor if you haven't already.
      You are certainly not alone in experiencing changes in both symptom and frequency when it comes to migraine attacks. You may also want to consider if there have been any changes to your environment or food. I mention this because I, myself, have been suffering with almost daily migraine symptoms due to loud construction noises. Prior to the last weeks, I hadn't experienced a migraine attack (full blown) in about a year. Please check back in and let us know how you are doing. I'm so glad you are finding support in the community.


      1. I got fewer than one migraine a year for a long time. Now, I've had three in the past three weeks. I'm getting aura and other symptoms but only two of the three have had actual headaches. Although, all the other symptoms are just as bad as getting pain.

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