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From productive to paralyzed in bed

Not much to say. A migraine woke me up at 4am by entering my dream. I've been doing better since reaching my third Botox treatment. Better, meaning the pattern of the migraines changed. Less frequent but more last longer when one hits.
I had a few days of productivity and now I'm back in bed all day. Not thinking clearly and in pain. Imitrex injection gave some relief, bit I'm melting through ice wraps in a dark room feeling depressed. At least my two dogs want to ne near me and ask nothing of me. God I hope this one doesn't last.

  1. Hi migraine-guy.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I am sorry you are in such pain - and you're right - it is depressing and frustrating, especially after a few good days. Any chance you overdid it while you were feeling OK? I ask as that is my M.O.- feel good = overdoing it. Then I pay for it the next few days. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick resolution to this attack.

    I just started Botox last month and am looking forward to some relief. I think many of us want complete relief, who wouldn't, but that isn't realistic. If we can reduce our attack frequency by half it would terrific.

    Do you have anything else in your tool box for when attacks last longer than three days? My protocol is if my attack is lasting longer than 72 hours, its time to end in for an infusion. If you don't have a plan like this in motion, I would encourage you to speak with your doctor at your next appointment and together, plan one.

    I hope you are feeling better now.

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