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Galicin or Boswellia and Melatonin - Hemicrania Continua

Hi All!

I have am kind of coming to think I have hemicrania continua-- judging from the description from other internet people and the my doctor's guess at giving me indomethecin, the only thing that has WORKED yet, I am fairly confident this is what I'm looking at. After the max dose for 2 weeks I can't believe that I've only had 2 severe days after 6 months of almost all severe days.

Anyway, since I have indomethecin responsive headache, I was looking for other remedies.

The internet suggests Boswelia or Galicin, a brand name which is more expensive but supposedly a "Special" brew.

My question is: Has anyone had any luck with Boswelia or Galicin if you have hemicrania continua? I have been taking Boswelia without a huge difference, and Galicin has big claims but its seventy bucks a bottle so don't want to risk it. Wish they would send me a sample if it really is as good as indomethetcin...

Also I've heard people take melatonin during the day. I take it at night but I'm afraid to try in the AM as I have fallen asleep at my desk at work in the past.

Anyone have any experience with Galicin, Melatonin or Boswellia during the day?


  1. Hi 62fuu1,

    I don't have hemicrania continua, which I understand is very painful. I haven't seen any information on Boswelia or Galicin for HC, but have seen a few articles that Botox may be helpful. Something you may want to talk to your doctor about.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


    1. Thanks Nancy,

      I have seen a few articles about this--- also about Melatonin. I'll look up about botox but would prefer not to do anything that invasive and expensive before giving it a full go with natural remedies.

      I always wonder, if this isn't caused by something in the modern world, how did the ancients deal with it? Migraines have been around forever, and the American Indians apparently used White Willow bark before anyone else, which is like aspirin. I don't want to give up and have to add another drug to my regimen every day for the rest of my life.

      Wasn't there one of the moderators who was diagnosed with HC? I'd like to see her opinion.

      1. I'll check with the other moderators and see about HC.


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