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Getting in shape when excersise is a trigger?

I've been trying to get back in shape, but I feel like it's impossible. I get a migraine before I even start to break a sweat. It's not as intense as my regular migraines, but it's still keeping to the same side of the head. I still don't feel like trying to push trough it, and I've ended up avoiding excersise altogether. How can I get in shape?
Anyone else like this? How do you get in shape?

Starting to feel like a potato with the lung capacity of an 80 year old D: (I'm 32)

  1. Hi LadyMedusa,

    I hear you - thank you for reaching out to us!

    First I'd like to say maintaining a regular exercise with chronic illness is not easy. I find walking and yoga to work the best for me. Let me provide you with information on this topic.This link contains a number of articles on exercise being a migraine trigger;

    I hope that helps!

    1. I would try walking. I'm in the same boat. I tried yoga = migraine. Pilates = migraine.
      Low impact walking, even just around the block is a start.

      1. Hi AshleyM,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! You're right, its all about baby steps!


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