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Glasses with special lenses

Hi there fellow sufferers!
Has anyone ever tried the glasses with the pink lenses so for their migraines?I was reading about them but I can't remember their name.I work under flouresant lights daily and saz wondering if anyone has tried them and whether they were zuccesfull
Thanks Esther

  1. I have seen some that are a yellowish tint by, but I haven't seen any pink tinted lenses. I haven't tried them myself yet, I haven't found prescription glasses
    I like that I'm willing to pay the $$$ to have them custom make 'clip-on' shades for them.
    I did get my work place to switch out their fluorescent bulbs to ones that burned at 6500K for the same price but the tint was different and it made a big difference in my headaches.
    Good luck with the glasses.

    1. Can you tell me more about those bulbs? My office is moving and I will soon be required to work under fluorescents and they are a HUGE trigger for me. I'd love to get something to filter them out. My problem is the emitting of efflorescent s not so much the frequency.

      1. There are a number of products for those with light sensitivities. Color can be specific to each person, however there is one color that has a pinkish tint that research showed was effective on a large percent of our population with light sensitivity. It essentially blocks out the blue light of the spectrum. We know research has shown that blue light is excitatory to the brain and this may be one reason this tint works for patients.

        Here is a link that may be helpful to you: What color is best for light sensitivity?

        There are covers that can be purchased for fluorescents that help with the type of light. It won't help with flicker however. You can also still purchase incandescents and I know some patients talk to their managers and provide their own lighting in close proximity to their work space. Also, fluorescent lighting is less obtrusive to Migraineurs who also have the option of ambient lighting coming in through a window near them. The ambient light won't cancel out the fluorescent light, but it is helpful.

        I do know TheraSpecs does have a type of glasses that fit over your regular prescription lenses. I'm writing a piece about my experience with them, right now actually.


        1. I just transferred to this office in November. When I got here I had them take 2 out of the 3 bulbs out of the 2 lights near me. This week I had them take out the 3rd. It has made a difference in just 2 days!~

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