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GOING (and coming from) to work is the problem!

I'm talking about buses, trains...I don't drive because I'm anxious and I wouldn't want to drive with a migraine anyway. So I take the bus to go to work.
I actually did today for the first time in about a month, luckily I work on call (luckily as in I won't lose my job because of too many sick days, not so luckily because I don't earn much. and the sick days obviously aren't paid), so I didn't really need to go to the office.
But this afternoon I did. When I left home I had a mild headache/nausea, I thought maybe I wait a bit, then if it get worse I'll take my pills, better take them with me, put my sunglasses...but well, I can manage!
The bus was ok, I took some pictures too, no flash...
But when I was again in the street I started feeling really sick, dizzy, having a bad bellyache, IBS flaring up. I entered the office and straight to the bathroom to empty both ends.
I took some paracetamol about 1 hour ago, and I'm trying to work. But I'm pretty sure I'm doing a messy job, because I type all wrong. I'm confused and weak. you think that the bus made it worse? I have to go home sometimes, I can't sleep in the office. Sure, I can call a taxi, but I'm not sure if it will be better...

  1. I understand what you are saying, driving to work is a killer. With the sun comes up it shining thru the trees is like a strobe light. I wake up with head pain so this just makes going to work that much better. I am at the end of my rope, been suffering since 2000 with no cause. I have just started to have to chest pains and dizziness. I have a full time job that calling out is not a option, so I have to deal witch is to say the least not a fun thing. I don't know about you but maybe to smells on the bus got your head ramped up. I have to stay away from group because of perfumes and such.

    1. Hi to Chiaragtl and 1a74itm,

      I used to ride the subway to commute when I lived in a city. I never noticed any effects on my migraines. However, I know that motion sickness can be a trigger for some people. Does the bus make you feel any motion sickness?

      I would definitely ask your doctor if he/she thinks it could be a trigger for you if it continues to happen. It could be important to determine if its the motion, the smells, the sounds etc that could have contributed. For example, if it is simply being somewhere with loud noises that trigger than maybe earplugs (or that occasional cab ride) could help. Here is a great article on driving as a migraine trigger, and it could also relate to riding the bus:

      I hope this helps.
      Be well,

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