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Going dairy free

I have been trying several different things to help my migraine, both natural and prescription. At this point in my treatment I am looking for anything that can help me now. Has anyone tried going dairy free to help with their headaches? If so, has it worked? Was it difficult? Do you have any tips?

  1. In a bout of saying I wouldn't try any more preventative medicine (with bad side effects), I tried eliminating a number of suspected food sources, including dairy. No joy.

    1. Hello Nicole,

      I did go dairy free (along with Gluten and caffeine) and not only did I lose about 8 pounds, I did seem to have less severe headaches and less quantity. I thought giving up ice cream was going to really stink, but I'm finding I really crave C H E E E E E E S E ! This year I have had some cheese on occasion and seem to do okay with it, although parmesan may be a culprit. "They" say the aged cheeses are really probelmatic for migraneurs and I've noticed the 2 times I've had parmesan, within 48 hours I'm getting a significant headache.

      I would suggest to absolutely try it. Read how dairy effects our bodies, it's not good anyway and will make it easier to forgo. And if you have the stomach for it, read up on the dairy factory farming industry. It's horrible!

      The coconut milk and cashew milk "ice cream" is freaking delicious. You'd never know it wasn't real ice cream. I get the So Delicious brand when they are on sale. Yummers.

      Good luck, let us know!


      1. So Delicious is adding locust bean gum to their products which is classified on this website as a migraine trigger. I learned that the hard way.

      2. bummer. And good to know. Thank you.

    2. Dairy became a major trigger for me 3 year ago, after always lots of cheese beforehand. Even tiny amounts give me aura now. Drinking a coffee with milk by accident gives me an attack within an hour. Definite trigger, definitely worth trying to cut it out. I had a bad stomach for about 6 months before I realised it was a trigger, I had become intolerant and just ignored it.

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