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Hallucination with migraine

I first had a migraine in 1972 - vision of a black and white snake lasting 15-20 min and leaving with slight frontal headache.
Infrequent occurrence 1 a month or so . Now the migraines are frequent and different , I know when they are coming by slightly blurred vision not often with the snake but with nausea and headache long lasting sometimes all day.
Two weeks ago I was in hospital with pneumonia and fever and I hallucinated but when migraine came a strange thing happened when waking - the room had turned 90% to normal - everything was there but at 90 deg, Eventually it was corrected back to normal . Is this expoected - since recovery I have no problem but await the next attack

  1. Hi flavius,

    Thank you for your question. I hope you are feeling better now.

    If you haven't mentioned this to your doctor I would encourage you to do so. Hallucinations can be part of a migraine attack, although not common. Here is an article that discussed many migraine attack symptoms;

    Do you think it was a symptom from the fever you were experiencing? There is something called Alice in Wonderland syndrome you may want to look into. Here is an article on it;

    Let me know what you think,

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